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I'm Dr. Tess Townsend, a licensed Physical Therapist with a passion for helping babies and their mommas get the best possible start

this is the earliest and most IMPORTANT TIME TO HELP BABIES THRIVE for life

The two-year time period between preconception and baby's first birthday is the most important time for lifelong wellness.  From fulfilling nutritional needs during genetic imprinting, to toning the vagus nerve, to integrating primitive reflexes to prevent anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders, these 730 days are more important than most people know.  

My goals are simple: to help momma & baby off to the best possible start.  

My services are complementary.  Fierce Momma is my coaching program to work with families adjusting to food allergies & intolerances, sleep deprivation, identity shift, breastfeeding difficulties, and chronic inflammation that many deal with in our modern lifestyle.  My hands-on services utilize my training in precrawling infant development and my advanced certification working with pregnant and postpartum women (CAPP-OB) from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

I am a believer that parents have the most skilled hands for helping their children and interventions are focused on teaching and empowering parents. I am certified as a TummyTime Method Professional and have completed training in Rhythmic Movement Therapy and Primitive Reflex Integration. 





Therapeutic Tummy Time

Primitive Reflex Integration

Rhythmic Movement Therapy

Baby Wellness Consultations



Developmental Delay

Feeding Difficulties 



Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS)

Tongue Tie



MGH Institute of Health Professions
Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Cornell University
B.S. in Biological Sciences & Nutrition

Fierce Momma

Raising the next generation of Health 

Fierce Momma is wellness coaching specifically designed for the two-year period between pre-conception and baby's first birthday. This is a time when the neurological system develops most rapidly, genetic imprinting occurs and habits are formed that last a lifetime.    

Translating Research to Real Life

Have you gotten to the bottom of a research article and though "Well, now what?"  Commence the rapid Googling and descent into a multi-hour rabbit hole only to emerge, bleary-eyed and still uncertain of the answer.  And even if you are an expert on a particular subject, implementation can be challenging in our real life word where work & school schedules, sedentary desk jobs and quick-paced lifestyles prevail.  

Every person has a unique journey to health. Fierce Momma's coaching helps empower you to make the changes, and stick to them.  

what to expect

Fierce Momma programs are tailored to meet your individual needs.  I provide education, research, clinical experience & recipes within the best practices for coaching and behavior change.  I want you to succeed on your individual health goals and ask for a minimum of three months commitment- the time I find it takes for most families to implement changes and start seeing the fruits of hard work. 

Coaching ncludes one initial 60 minute conversation (phone, facetime, or in-person) to discuss your current wellness plan and find areas for improvement.  After that, we tackle the biggest impact area first in a personalized approach.  According to best behavior change research, we focus only on one goal at a time to maximize your success.  After the initial conversation, you will have a 45 minute phone call every other week and access to support on an ongoing basis.  $250/month

More Coaching:  More coaching is available for those working through challenging situations.  Contact me for more information.  



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